Something out
of the ordinary.

At Fonofox we have been making our dream come true for more than twenty years. Working on what we are passionate about and sharing ideas, creativity, technique and experience with clients to ensure that their projects are always something out of the ordinary.

With a presence in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​we are fully equipped to offer a wide range of professional film, video and sound project development services, whether in the field of Entertainment or in  advertising.

Made up of a large, dynamic and experienced team of professionals, we provide all the support necessary to take a great idea from its concept to its dissemination and distribution.


      • Adán Latonda
        Productor Ejecutivo – CEO
      • Sylvia Fernández
        Jefa de Operaciones. COO
      • Reinaldo Pereira
        Project Manager
      • Daniel Mayorga
        Lead Designer
      • José Cabanach
        Montaje y Dirección
      • Nuria Ferrer
        Montaje y Dirección
      • Chema Bernal
        Sound Designer
      • Paco Ríos
        Guionista y Dramaturgo